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What is Biblical Theology: One Book, One Truth, & One Way

What is Biblical Theology: One Book, One Truth, & One Way
Biblical theology is God's theology as He has given it to us in the Bible. It is evident on every page of the Bible, in every book.

This is my 3rd article ON THEOLOGY and the most important one because it belongs to every one of us, from Seminary professors to laborers, mothers, and little children. While we must grasp it with our minds, it is not a theology of the head but of the heart. Having it in our mind helps us understand God and HIs ways but having our heart protects us from sin.

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalm 119:11

What is “Biblical Theology”?

Biblical theology is God’s theology as He has given it to us in the Bible. It is evident on every page of the Bible, in every book. God gave it at a specific time to an individual He had chosen for the benefit of His people, those living at the time it was written but also for us today.

St. Paul told the Romans that the Old Testament was written for our benefit, and all of the first Christians were saved through it and the power of the Holy Spirit who anointed the human authors.

The Psalmist has said that His law is perfect, His testimony certain, and makes us wise as well as converting our soul.
His statement is simple and has led millions to Jesus and salvation, from Moses' times to our own.

This is not to say there is no place for “systematic theology” or the other academic disciplines for studying and establishing Christian doctrine, or organizing our churches and schools, but before one can enter into those one must enter into the treasure-house of the Bible.

In my article last time, I related how my mother introduced me to SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY by teaching me to read the Bible, which is God’s complete theology in narrative form. She taught me this with colored pencils and encouragement to look for every verse I could find in the Word of God that was a command or promise. This process began when I entered elementary school, but I had started to learn Biblical theology even before that.

How I learned Biblical Theology

Dedication – When I was just a few months old, my parents dedicated me to God publicly in Ridgewood Pentecostal Church. I was identified then as belonging to the Lord Jesus Christ, BORN INTO THE GOSPEL!

The people in our congregation were witnesses to this event and pledged themselves to help me live for Jesus. The Biblical theology that God loves me was being communicated even though I could not understand it myself.

Sunday school – Long before kindergarten, I was placed in Sunday school, first as an infant attending in the arms of my mother, later under the tutelage of Lena Dudas who lovingly taught the preschoolers the Bible stories using flannelgraph lessons and huge colorful posters of Bible characters and events.

Here too Biblical theology was being taught to God’s children. God has a people, a chosen group who belong to Him, and we are part of that group.

Bible stories – I loved the Sunday school class and the wonderful posters and stories, but the stories got into my heart in another way. My Dad read them to me every night as I sat on his lap in his big turquoise chair at 658 Monroe Avenue.

Here I got not only the stories but the Biblical theology that spoke through them. Here I could ask questions and began to understand that we are in an ongoing war between good and evil, Jesus* and the devil.* (an asterisk * mean there is a biography of that person in my book SPIRITUAL LIVES.}

Choruses and Songs – Of course, I was too young to understand much of this, but I could sing. Here's the chorus of one of the Sunday songs I learned;

I’m too young to march in the infantry Ride in the cavalry, Shoot the artillery, I’m too young to fly o’er the enemy But I’m in the Lord’s army!

And there were countless other songs like “Jesus Loves Me’ and “Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World.” As I learned this Biblical theology, I learned too that “This Little Light of Mine” was an important testimony to the world of the love of God and His desire to bless and use me to glorify His name

Biblical Theology on My Own

More Sunday school and sermonsOur church had Sunday school for all ages, and I learned much from those adult classes. There I learned Biblical theology and was inspired to teach Sunday school myself. There was even deeper Biblical theology in the thousands of sermons I heard, and these are the primary way that people today get the message of God’s love and goodness.

Jonathan Edwards*: HISTORY OF THE WORK OF REDEMPTION 1739 This wonderful book is the best example of Biblical theology I know. It is actually an edited publication of the sermons Edwards preached on the fulness of Christ’s work of redemption covering all that the Bible teaches from the Fall in Genesis to the Second Coming of Jesus in Revelation. He took his direction from Isaiah 51:8 “my righteousness shall be for ever, and my salvation from generation to generation.”

This is exactly the central premise of Biblical theology, that God teaches His way in every book of the Bible, immediately to those living at that time and latterly to those who come after, including you and me and our children too.

Ongoing Personal Reading of The Bible Chronologically from Beginning to End – This is the foundation of Biblical theology, your reading, and your studying of His Word in its fullness. It is a lifelong process and spiritual discipline. By reading and rereading you will surely come to make Biblical theology your own, but there is more.

As you read, you will interact with the Holy Ghost who has inspired what you read. And there you will meet Jesus. As you read, you will hear Him at your heart’s door, gently knocking, seeking admittance, and when you open that door He will come in and reign in your heart.

How Do I Get Started?

Get to know the Bible! Learn the Biblical narrative in its full scope. 21st-century Christians tend to focus on the New Testament where the Gospel is central and the Lord Jesus Christ calls us to come to Him for salvation. And that is a call for us now, and we need to come at once to accept Him as Lord and Savior.

But remember, there was no New Testament in Jesus’ days on earth. And He taught His apostles to teach all nations about Him using the Old Testament as a starting point. Why not do the same for yourself and your loved ones?

Read the Bible stories. I suggest and recommend EGERMEIER’S BIBLE STORY BOOK, the very same 312 stories my Dad read to me. Read it to your child and you will both absorb Biblical theology and form a wonderful bond of blessings and faith.

Get into the Bible Itself. Don’t stop your current devotional Bible reading but begin at Genesis and start to read a chapter at a time until you get through all 66 books. If you need help and support along the way, download HTTPS://WWW.E-SWORD.NET/DOWNLOADS.HTML or go directly to HTTPS://BIBLEHUB.COM/

Both are useful reference tools that will help you out when you need them.

But don’t get caught in others’ theologies or doctrines. Remember we are searching for God’s theology, and the Bible promises direct help to us from the Holy Spirit as we read. Jesus calls Him the Spirit of Truth and that is where He will take you, to the truth that is God's Word and Truth itself, the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your questions are welcome in our comments space or via email, and I promise you a thoughtful answer and a blessing as well! God bless you today!

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