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Ken Kalis


Hi, my name is Ken Kalis. When I was born, Jesus put me in a home where He was honored.  My godly parents brought me up in the fear of the Lord and instilled in me a love of learning.  As a young man I struggled with worldly wisdom which sowed may doubts, but God was faithful and helped me see the absolute truth and authority of the Bible.

When God blessed me with a family, I took my job seriously to “bring up a child in the way that he should go.”  I taught Sunday school, sent our children to Christian schools, and wrote many letters teaching them about the things of God. 

A long series of these letters turned into SPIRITUAL LIVES, first published in 2019. Other lives have also inspired me to write, my Dad and Mom and the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Mission & Vision

This blog is about Jesus. Its aim is to tell the Gospel story to the 21st century and show its impact on famous men and women over the last 2000 years.

Here you will find the stories of such Believers through Christian history and literature over the last 2000 years. Their lives and works teach us today that God upholds His people and is always with us.

I hope that through this blog, many who do not know Him will come to Jesus and accept His open invitation to “Come unto me and rest!

We are not alone! Jesus has promised never to leave us or forsake us and has kept that promise for 2000 years. As you read, I trust you will be drawn closer to Him and connect with those faithful Christians of the past.

I thank you for your interest and welcome your thoughts, questions and comments. 

ken kalis and his children
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