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Spiritual Lives

A continuing narrative of Christian biographies from "before the world began" to the present day.  God's reality brought down to earth by real men and women living for Jesus or opposing Him!

200 biographies

Beginning with the Lord Jesus Christ and moving on to Satan, the saga continues with Adam and continues through present day.   


Each life begins within the lifetime of the previous one.  Each for or against Jesus!


Easy to digest

Each biography is no longer than 700 words, giving a quick overview and insights into the role played in building/opposing God's Kingdom. For Jesus or against?  That's all that matters!


Historically accurate

Christianity is a historical religion, and I studied the history of these people for five years as I wrote “Spiritual Lives.” 

Using my expertise as an English teacher and professional communicator to put what I had learned into easy to read stories. 

Spiritual Lives book cover
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